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About BayCare Physician Partners

BayCare Physician Partners is a clinically integrated network in the Tampa Bay area. This model of care brings employed physicians, independent physicians, and BayCare’s resources into a more clinically and financially aligned business partnership. The flexibility of a clinically integrated network also better prepares us for changes to the nation’s health care system driven by government reform.

BayCare Physician Partners will:

  • Improve the health of patients and populations served by the network and other members of BayCare
  • Increase the quality of health care services provided by the network’s member physicians
  • Improve the patient experience for patients receiving network services
  • Reduce total healthcare costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary clinical variation
  • Monitor health care services provided through and arranged by the network
  • Integrate the provisions of care contracted through the network
  • Contract with government and private health benefit plans on behalf of the network’s member physicians
  • Prepare member physicians for success under current and future reform and regulatory changes

To report events that are not in keeping with our values, organizational policies or laws governing our industry call the anonymous compliance hotline: 1-877-OUR-DUTY

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